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I’ve always been a big DIY-er and crafter. I have done home projects, home repairs, paper crafting and pretty much everything in between. I enjoy it all.  As of July 2017 though my world was rocked when I opened a gift at my 40th birthday party (which my husband threw for me and somehow managed to keep a secret for months!!).  My dad and aunts bought me a Cricut *insert angelic singing praises here*.  I had heard of a Cricut but never knew exactly what it was and I was really excited about figuring it all out. Honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time than my 40th birthday. A time when many women are feeling lost, confused, run down and in need of a transformation. I definitely fit into all of those categories.  This gift tied in with a gift my husband gave me before my birthday.  A brand new Canon digital camera. Again, my very first one. I was so stoked and surprised and couldn’t wait to get going with it…which I did and have had a blast. Receiving these gifts was rejuvenating for me! It meant I could tie my photography skills and my crafting skills together and run! It’s been a marathon sort of run rather than a sprint, but I have had a blast using my camera and making crafts.  Aside from learning what the Cricut can do with paper I was introduced to vinyl crafting *insert a second round of angelic singing praises here*.  My world will never be the same and I couldn’t be more excited! Since getting these two amazing gifts I have entered three craft fairs, sold some of my hand made crafts, had custom orders, made ALL of our Christmas gifts, done a few photography shoots, and in a few days will help out a local Girl Scout troop earn their photography badge! This to me has been a dream and I am so eternally grateful for the opportunities.  It also means that I can keep expanding my little business and make crafting my full time career.  Like I said before, it will be more of a marathon rather than a sprint, but being able to do it at all is so exciting to me!

Here are some of the things I have created since July! I’ve had a blast creating my own designs or simply finding things on Pinterest to create. These items are a mix of things I made to gift to friends, to sell in fairs, or custom orders.

I can’t wait to see what comes of my crafting in the near future…especially since my husband has declared himself my business manager ;D

I keep finding the beauty.