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Happy New Year!! I love this part of the holiday season for a couple of reasons. It just seems so fresh and alive (I know, that’s usually what people feel about Spring…but I feel it about the New Year). I see this time of year as a positive time to reflect on the past year as well as recharge myself and look forward to the opportunities of the new year coming. I’ve never been big on making resolutions mostly because I’ve always seen them as a setup for failure. However, in recent years I have started looking at the end of the year/beginning of the new year as more of a closing of one door and opening of another. A chance to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I still try not to make resolutions, instead I make goals. To me goals are more attainable because you need baby steps to make goals happen. Starting with small steps towards a big goal is the way to go for me! Every single time I’ve been all gung-ho with a new year resolution and making all sorts of lifestyle changes, I’ve failed. I’ve failed and I’ve gone back to all the bad habits that leave me unproductive and not feeling the best about myself. So, small steps towards goals it is.

For over a year I’ve been writing in a journal that includes five things I am grateful for each day and ten dreams. I started this before the new year last year. In this time frame I’ve been able to cross off two of my big dream items and I’m actively working at crossing off a few more. This journal is the Start Today Journal by the Hollis Co. The Hollis Co. is run by Rachel Hollis (Girl, Wash Your Face) and Dave Hollis. If you haven’t heard of them, their company, or the Start Today Journal…LOOK THEM UP. I love them and their message. Especially if you are a woman, a small business owner, or want to start incorporating healthy lifestyle habits. (FYI, I am not being paid to mention this brand, I just truly enjoy what they have to offer!) I became familiar with Rachel Hollis after a friend suggested Girl, Wash Your Face, as a book recommendation. I LOVED IT. It spoke to me and I was pleasantly surprised that a few of the things she talked about doing to improve yourself and life, I had started doing not too long before reading the book in an attempt to better myself and really figure out what I want to do with myself. This book just gave me so much more inspiration and fire to go after all of those goals. I’m still working on Girl, Stop Apologizing, the follow up to Girl, Wash Your Face, but I can’t wait to finish! If you’re looking for a few tools on how to get your butt up and motivated to change and accomplish things, check them out.

With 2019 being filled with ups and downs, enough change for ten families over 5 years, and some serious self reevaluation, I am definitely looking for some positivity to start flowing again. Luke and I, (Luke is my husband for those of you who do not know us personally), exchanged a list of personal goals each one of us has for the upcoming year. Luke and I are good talkers. We can talk all day long about what we would like to accomplish, what we want for our kids, our home, our finances. But we SUCK at taking action. Even though I’ve been trying to change that habit for myself for over a year, and I have fallen off the band wagon a few times and gotten back up, we have never done it TOGETHER. The “together” part is the piece that has been missing. Of course, Luke knows my love of essential oils, nutrition, and most things earthy and natural. Of course, I know he wants to go back to school and get his masters degree. But there are other things that I dream about that I’ve never told Luke. Why? I don’t know…fear, embarrassment, lack of finances, lack of time? Whatever the excuse is, that’s why. But deep down I’ve known that in order to help make all of these dreams I have come true, I need to let him know they even exist. So. Yesterday we had a lunch date and I brought my list of goals. The list of goals that we talked about meeting about and discussing every Sunday to keep each other on track…WEEKS AGO. There’s that talk and no action thing we’ve got down so well. It was just supposed to be a little lunch to use up some gift cards and get out of the house together. But I decided to take the opportunity and get these weekly meetings in motion. My list included everything from business to education to wife goals. After we finished eating I nervously brought out my notebook and shared it with him. I have to say, it felt good to let him in on what I want for myself, us and our kids. It was like a weight off my shoulders. I’m still nervous about the thought of attacking these goals, but I do know that I can do it! I think that the most important thing for me, which I’m terrible at, is communicating those goals/dreams with people. It’s an insecurity. The crazy part about it is, once I do I always feel recharged and motivated…why do I do this to myself!?!

Moving on into the new year, what are your thoughts on resolutions or goals? What things are you planning on starting or finishing? What are some of the things that hold you back from reaching those accomplishments? Lastly, what would be something that could help you reach those goals that you’ve been dreaming about for so long??

I hope you have a beautiful start, middle and end to the New Year whether you are keeping resolutions or reaching goals!