Dear Mom,                                                                                                     

Tonight, we celebrated your life. You would have been so touched by everyone who came to share their love for you and say goodbye. You really were loved. As I sit and write I have so many things that are sticking out to me and it makes it all so surreal. All the stories and memories we shared about you. The new memories that were made that night. Your friends. Your family. Dad’s friends and co-workers. Jon and Jeff’s friends and co-workers. My friends and co-workers, man. I cannot put into words the emotions that took over me when I would see a new friend or co-worker coming in to support me in my loss of you. It’s overwhelming and I don’t know how to express to them what it has meant to me. I’ve never been good with expressing myself in the moment like that and then I let time pass and feel like it’s too late to go back. I don’t know.

Oddly enough it was a beautiful night.